Get Shit Done.
We are...
A simple, back to basics co-working movement. We want to occupy underutilised spaces by day, and help them become cool, conducive places to work. Scattered throughout the city, drop in to work alongside a friendly diverse crowd, at a friendly price too.
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Until now you have been putting up with...
Work from home

Where one more episode on Netflix is another notch on your deadline.
Work from a Local Coffee Shop
Getting passive aggressive vibes from people eyeing your table because whatever you're doing can't be more important than Instagramming a $20 eggs benedict.
Work from a Co-working Office
When you just don't have the wallet (and stomach) for faux marble tables and repurposed décor…and a full events calendar is not a must
Clockwork offers...
Efficient Work Environment
Personal space. Fast Internet. Free refreshments and a printer. A place to get shit done.
Work-life Balance
We believe in taking evenings and weekends. Our spaces only open from 9 – 5.
Great Locations
We're the Swiss Army Knife of workspaces. Not in the mood for your usual spot? Move right along to our other multiple locations scattered around the city just minutes away from public transport. Bam! Flexibility and efficiency. (currently only 1 location live)
None of that troublesome check-in processes. No bookings, free seating. Work from any of our cool locations, with unlimited drop-ins.
Social Community
Chat up like-minded individuals and bounce off ideas. Catch a movie at The Projector after work, or knock back a couple with Clockwork member happy hour specials. Or don't. It's all up to you!
Good Karma
Businesses let us occupy their unused spaces as Clockwork until the clock strikes 5 - a partnership that allows them to benefit even during off-hours, while you get a great space to work! We like the idea of using spaces in dense urban areas sustainably and more efficiently.
Our first location at The Projector will be re-launching soon. Stay tuned!
Get in touch
Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments at, or using the form below
All your concerns, questions and insecurities...
What is Clockwork?
Ugh. Please scroll all the way up and read.
So it's my first day at Clockwork and I just arrived. Now what?
Walk up to our friendly concierge, sign-in for your wifi password, pick a quiet, unoccupied seat / sofa, and start working. It's that easy.
What are the opening hours?
Working 9 to 5 (what a way to make a living!)
What makes it a conducive work environment?
Besides the basics (wifi, coffee, printer, power), we've got great spaces with lots of natural light, good vibes and other hard working peeps spreading their productive energy. No tantruming toddlers, no chest-beating wantrepreneurs
How is your internet?
You will love it. Although if you are in the business of running bit torrents you may hate it but other people will hate you even more. Don't do it!
Why Golden Mile Tower?
Because it's the demarcated green zone of Singapore where your soul is safe from the suffocating bustle of the city. It is also one of three districts is Singapore with the highest concentration of cheap and good food within a 5 min walk in all directions.
Isn't it too far?
It is just 3 minutes away from Nicoll Highway station!
Can I reserve a table?
'Fraid not. It's free-seating arrangement, first-come-first-served. We're flexible like that.
Any free grub?
Yep, we've got some tea and coffee. Working on other stuff too, but we're starting with what's important!
What if I need to print stuff?
We got a printer as reliable as your own Town Council (expectations may vary). It won't print books or high gloss presentations, but should manage your next service contract.
What If I need to go to the loo? Or leave my table for a couple of hours?
Don't worry, we can watch your stuff, but let us know if you'll be back soon so we can save your spot. If not, help your fellow members out and free up your seat.
What happens after 5pm?
We close for the day. But YOU can stay on and a catch an awesome film at The Projector, or get a nice drink from the bar that opens in the same space after 5.
So my friend wants to pop by and chat. Can he/she stay?
Sure, you can bring a guest for an hour – that should be good for a productive meeting, right? If they're staying for longer, they (or you) will have to pay for his/her seat. This is a place to get shit done, not Oprah. *Note, of course everyone is free during the pilot period, so yes, get friends down!*
Which days are you closed?
Weekends. And occasionally when The Projector is booked out for private events. .
Yikes! How will I know?
Our friendly, hot concierge will notify you way in advance, so no worries!
Then how am I going to work?
Relax. Drop in our other locations. We have your particulars. Same thing - turn up, sign-in, and work. For the pilot period we can't yet promise this, but then again, it's FREE
Nice! You mean there are other locations too?
There will be! It's the poor man's version of jet-setting. That's how we roll.
What if this isn't working for me. Can I get a refund if I give up my spot at Clockwork?
You mean after you actually start to pay? Well, no. You don't ask your chicken rice uncle for a refund after you ate half the plate, right?
Can I transfer this spot to my friend?
What if I have more questions?
You can mail us at or facebook message us. We will reply as soon as we can!
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